If today is your computer and your smartphone (not the dog) to be man’s best friend,

if it’s changed the way we listen to music, if the mobile phone has become an all-rounder equipment, much of the credit is his. A brilliant and irascible California man who was inspired by Bob Dylan and Picasso: is Steve Jobs, the Apple inventor, who February 24, 2016 would have turned 61 years old.

#ThefirstAppleComputer logo depicted the scientist Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree and was designed in 1976 by a member of Steve Jobs (who apparently had a great passion for @apples, hence the name chosen for the company). The following year, however, it was replaced by a new image with a simple stylized apple and bitten, perhaps alluding to the original sin (to highlight the unconventionality of the company).

GARAGE AND AN ESCAPE UNHAPPY. It is located at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California town of Santa Clara County, just where #SteveJobs lived with his family (pictured, during the recent filming on his life). This is where in 1976 he founded the Apple Computer: did he and two partners, #SteveWozniak and #RonaldWayne. The latter, the first earnings, decided to leave the company collecting the consideration for its own shares, equal to about $ 800. It is estimated that today would have a value between 60 and 100 million dollars.

PERFECTION CLICK. One of the secrets that contributed to the success of the products with the apple, it was the attention to detail. In that Jobs had an obsession that led him to storm his collaborators of continuous improvement requests. An example? “Just before the iPod launch,” says the book “In the head of Steve Jobs” by Leander Kahney “was disappointed because the headphone plug did not produce a ‘click’ satisfactory when connecting or scollegavano earphones. He ordered, therefore, an engineer to introduce in all the iPod that would be distributed to journalists and VIPs on the occasion of the presentation of the product, a new plug capable of producing an acceptable noise.

TIME IS STILL TO 9:41. Have you ever noticed? Apple in the institutional picture, on the official website, and presentations, the clocks have stopped at 9:41. Why? It came during the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. Several rumors had anticipated that Apple would submit that event, as well as a number of other innovations, including its first smartphone. But when the presentation looked like coming to an end without that Jobs he had made no mention of the iPhone, here’s the twist: “Ah, there’s still one more thing …” and lowered his ace. Everything was rehearsed and, stopwatch in hand, had been estimated that this moment would come 40 minutes after the start of the presentation (which started at 9 am). It was decided to prepare the photos of the iPhone with 9:41 on the clock so that the entry into the scene the time indicated coincide with the real one. Since then it has remained this habit.

OVERHEATING AND OTHER FLOP. It was called the Apple III, he was released in 1980 and its commercial result was described as “a catastrophe”. His problem? Excessive price (about $ 8,000!) And a design that did not foresee the presence of fans (at the behest of Steve Jobs believed that the “inelegant”) and therefore bore the Apple III to overheat. In subsequent years Apple also went to meet other fiascos like the handheld Newton, the PowerCD, the Macintosh Portable …, but Apple III was definitely the worst of failures.
DALL’IMAC the i … EVERYTHING! When it was introduced in 1998, no one would have imagined that, in its way, the new iMac would make history: it was the first Apple product to have the “i” prefix in the name. One that is going to the Internet, to highlight the unusual (for those times) “aptitude” to access the network. This particular “trademark” was later maintained even for the next products, from the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad.

The future The #iCar?
Steve Jobs passion for four wheels has never been a mystery: several times, especially in the last years of his life, the founder of Apple imagined a car reinterpretation “i”, a combination of technology and design the motorist’s service, seamlessly integrated with the network and with the world of content and services offered by the Californian.


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