Some historians trace the date of birth of jeans to May 20, 1873, the day when #JacobDavis and #LeviStrauss obtained the patent for blue jeans. But the story of jeans had begun centuries earlier. In the fifteenth century in Chieri near Turin he produced a kind of blue cloth used to cover the goods in the port of Genoa. Translation of Genoa in French “Gênes” would be at the origin of the word Jeans.

The word #denim instead is an Americanization of the French name “serge de Nimes”, a fabric in the Middle Ages was born in Nîmes, France, with which they were the pants worn by Genoese sailors. Auction 25 May 2001 one lady Levi’s bought on eBay a couple of centuries old jeans, found in a mine, for $ 46,532. It has been reproduced 500 copies sold at $ 300 each. to war Blue jeans have started to spread during the Second World War thanks to the American soldiers who wore them when they were not in service. Then in the mid-50s, the turning point: become popular among young people, as a symbol of teenage rebellion after James Dean in Rebel Without wearing them (1955).

The idea of the washed-out jeans. The first to wash a new pair of jeans to get the worn effect, still in fashion today, was Marty Friedman, owner of Limbo, an East Village store in New York. In the late 60 he sent new jeans in the laundry to give the vintage effect, which so appealed to his hippy clientele. In the picture, the laundry Wash Italy Berardo Lucci, specializing in denim processing.

The cotton From a bale of cotton produces about 215 pairs of jeans. Cotton plantations cover 34 million hectares of land and according to Ethical Consumer surface using 25% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of pesticides. Manufacture jeans, then, it is not always sustainable.

Their original name, blue jeans, we must remember that it is not environmentally friendly, at least in terms of water footprint, because for a couple confezionarne need plenty of water. According to calculations of the Water Footprint Network to produce a single pair of jeans takes 9500 liters of water and 2,500 for a shirt. In this calculation falls scary water for irrigation of cotton plants and processing and coloring of yarns.

Where do jeans Over 50% of denim is produced in Asia, particularly in China, India and Bangladesh. The Western country most active in jeans production, however, Mexico.



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