is a discipline that deals with investigating and explain the psychological processes, involved in production experience and a work of art fruition. As a sector specific studies the psychology of art born in the second half of the nineteenth century, but only recently got a special recognition disciplinary and appeal even to its more precise academic position.

There are many variables, according to the interests and perspectives: from aesthetics to the history, theory and criticism of art, from literature to medicine and psychiatry, through anthropology, sociology, pedagogy, and semiotics, not to mention the different pronunciations and interpretations related to the field historian, theorist and specification of the universe itself of psychology and its various addresses.

Regarding more specifically relations with art (especially visual) are particularly important studies of Gestalt psychology and the theory of perception, often mediated by cognitivist perspectives, and those which refer to the different psychoanalytic schools, which have made important contributions also part of criticism and literary theory. field of analysis of the psychology of art is above all the visual arts, but no less important are the studies and researches in literature, as well as in the music, film, photography, theater etc …

The goal of the psychology of art is to try to identify and understand what mental processes are involved in artistic production, which factors determine the poetic and the peculiarities of an artist, but also as psychological processes characterize the enjoyment, appreciation or not aesthetic appreciation, and feelings of empathy or sympathy.




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