To keep us alive and in good #health, our body are constantly looking for a permanent #balance. Homeostasis is the set of #physiologicalprocesses that maintain this dynamic #balance, ensuring life and health! When homeostasis is altered, the first signs appear rapidly: poor digestion, irregular bowel movements, sensitive joints, occasional fatigue, dull complexion. Support the various systems, especially the #gastrointestinalsystem (from the mouth to the colon), it is essential to further this homeostatic state, guarantee of our general welfare. The well-being, it’s appropriate to call it a question of balance!

One hundred thousand billion bacterias in our intestines constantly regulate numerous enzymatic reactions, essential to the proper functioning of our body. The homeostasis of the gastrointestinal system and in particular of the #intestine is crucial since this organ ensures the proper assimilation of nutrients, the elimination of residues and toxins, in addition to having the excellent immune system function. That’s why a growing number of scientists consider this organ as our second brain!

The well-being is achieved through the close proximity to #nature, respect its rhythms and seasons. In this perspective, one can understand the need for #detoxification action, at regular intervals, to #removetoxins and cleanse the body.

The #wellness  is also achieved through an active listening of our body and of our need to avoid occurring imbalances passengers. The plants, in the right doses, help us to keep fit!



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