Insurance Of Happiness..

Economists agree that money does buy happiness.

Do I get a new car or take a  vacation?


It’s pretty easy to say which of these is more experiential and which is more material. The research suggests that all else being equal, you’ll be happier with the vacation. More experience or more material?

We are social animals, and the best predictor of happiness is the goodness and extent of our social relationships. Experiences are more likely to be shared than objects are.

We have different reactions to the money we spend on experiences and the money we spend on stuff:

When we spend on experiences, our perceptions are magnified, and the feelings tend to linger longer. And since most of our experiences are positive, spending on activities instead of material goods generally makes us happier.

True happiness comes when you learn to be content with what you have. If you don’t take the time to figure out what enough means to you, you’ll always be unhappy with your financial situation.

to be and not to have… Not easy in the era of media and superficial relationships, no communication, material, politics.. But we can do it.





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