Sun exposure, caution.




#Sunbathing in a responsible manner, is vital, especially with Phototypes I and II,

#sensitiveWhyteskin or very sensitive. We often talk about the importance of preventing

#skindamage caused by #sunoverexposure  with an adequate intake of #antioxidants, and fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins such as vitamin A (beta carotene), vitamin E and C: in addition to this fruit vegetables and bring water and minerals.

But it is important that the foods of our diet does not place excessive stress on inflammatory and allergic responses in the body.

Food tips If we fear unpleasant sunburn can be useful from a few weeks before exposure to the sun: Drink plenty of water (not less than 1.5 liters) to ensure proper hydration of the skin or compensate for water losses.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw and seasonal,

reduce your intake of sugars readily available: in particular simple (sugar confectionery, soft drinks) and starch (baked goods, pasta, rice), preferring whole grains and their derivatives .

Pay attention to the foods to which we prove intolerant or worse, allergic: if we never made food intolerance testing, it would be important, even if it is a long way.

Avoid hydrogenated fats, found in many packaged products (baked goods, biscuits, croissants), and limit frying.

Make use of good quality vegetable oils (cold pressed), such as wheat germ oil, evening primrose (evening primrose), soy, mixing them together or with extra virgin olive oil or taking them as supplements in pearls Prefer the fish to other meats (especially during the exposure period), bearing in mind that many of seafood are rich in histamine.

Limit intake of alcohol (… the excess heat produces alcohol).

Foods containing histamine: better not to abuse it in case of annoying itches. Another exception require food happy histamine or histamine liberators. Histamine is a substance that is released from mast cells (specific cells found in the tissues) responsible for allergy symptoms, especially itching, many foods contain histamine or substances that our body metabolizes as histamine, so in case of allergy symptoms is not necessary abuse.  It can be useful to know the histamine foods, so limit consumption if we fear allergic reactions to the sun.

Histamine-rich foods • Fermented Cheese • fermented drinks: wine, beer and other spirits.

Fermented Foods : sauerkraut • sausages : salami, hams • fish and seafood • fish: tuna, sardines , anchovies , salmon.

Histamine liberators foods • Some fruits : strawberries , pineapple • Tomatoes • Coffee , cola and chocolate • Nuts: walnuts, almonds , cashews • Legumes : Lentils and beans • Alcohol .

It is impossible to completely eliminate foods containing histamine and histamine liberators,

but we can avoid associating in the same meal as well as to prevent histamine overloads : for example we will be very careful in the days of exposure to avoid such associations tuna and tomatoes or strawberries and chocolate.




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