Red Colour food.



Red Fruits and #vegetables in red stand out , for their important antioxidant properties while also protecting the epithelial tissue .

Lycopene , contained mainly in tomatoes and nell’anguria is important for effenti estimates to systemic inflammation .

#Anthocyanins and #carotenoids which are particularly rich blood oranges , strawberries and cherries , are an excellent adjuvant in the circulatory stimulus for capillary fragility and enhance the view .

Red foods are also the richest in vitamin C : promote the production of collagen , keeping intact blood vessels , stimulate the immune system and wound healing .

Vitamin C is also a major contributor to the good absorption of the iron contained in vegetables and fruits.

Red fruits and vegetables : oranges, pomegranate , strawberries, currants, sour cherries, cherries,

beets, tomatoes, red radicchio, watercress, radishes, red pepper, red onion, red beans, lentils, red potatoes.

Red beans are valuable allies for the #health of the organism. They contain minerals and trace elements such as potassium, zinc, molybdenum and iron. They are rich in vitamins of group B, including folic acid, fiber and protein These beans are easily digested , low in fat and contain isoflavones , substances that can keep you healthy our immune system, brain and bones .

The red beans , thanks to the presence of #iron , are valuable for anemia, important aso for #vegetarians and #vegans . These beans also help the formation of enzymes useful to the liver and have detox and draining properties.




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