Why #empathy is so important?
Success in life is strongly influenced by the empathy we feel toward others. People can have very different objectives but all people have a desire in common: they feel important.

Think of the time a person made you a compliment on something that you did well, you certainly will be felt more motivated to continue with your journey.
This simple concept is the basis of empathy and sales techniques and should be directed to making the customer feel important.
But empathy only works if it is #sincere, not if it is used only to get something
Its use at work and in life
In relations everyday empathy has an extremely important role. In order to create stable relationships you need to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand their problems. A person can seriously become interested in issues that affect the world, but in the end his toothache will always be his major problem!
In work empathy it is increasingly valued, in fact business processes are becoming more complex and in many businesses is necessary to create teams that do not have to be motivated by individualistic goals, but must feel the spirit of the group. The spirit of the group can be only if all members learn to put themselves in the shoes of their teammates, and together solve all the problems that may arise.

These are just simple examples of cases where empathy is essential:
• Relations of torque, these relationships to last must be able to meet the needs of the two partners so that they do not collide;
• Relations of friendship, the friendship is based on an understanding of other people’s moods;
• #Working #groups within the company, the greater the cohesion of the group, the better the results
• Entrepreneurs towards their employees, most employees feel important to the company, the more they will be motivated to produce and obtain the best possible results





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