The #Music,

as organized sound,
produces art, feelings and emotions.
It fills the heart, emotion and makes us vibrate cuddling and giving us profound wellbeing from childhood, all my life.
Subjective experience as the music should be pleasant and melodic, although what is considered music varies from culture to culture and from era to era.
As a language that unites all cultures, the gradual conquest of new sounds and the slaughter of certain schemes, following a string of evolution own, gradually changing tastes and listening habits;
Perception, an internal representation of listening, action and memory.
As historical and anthropological study, the path and the evolution of musical thought run hand in hand with the progress of man in history.
As a social construct, the music, like art, is defined above all in its social context, a wire, least common multiple world is what it is made of sound, silence or performance.
As body care and / or spirit (Music Therapy), the liberating qualities of music are known to be always in the world, through the beneficial power derived from listening to or creating music. It is like magis in the heart.
As satisfaction of desires and aspirations: the term “muse” is derived from the greek word meaning “desire, aspire to …” and therefore the concept of music related to the etymology of the word “muse”, suggested by Plato.
As a power that comes from the gods: in Greek mythology, with its supernatural abilities can control nature.

Paola Frizzarin



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