SelfEsteem for a coach

#SelfEsteem is the respect we have for ourselves as individuals. A lack of self-esteem can be a major block to forward movement for many.

If, when working with a client, you sense or perceive that self-esteem may be an area
 of concern, begin immediately to shift the cycle by helping them,  build their self-

Some indicators of low self-
esteem include fears of rejection or
 abandonment, the inability to meet
 personal needs and wants, negative thought patterns, inability to solve problems, and self- protective behavior or body language.

You can also listen for language patterns that indicate low self-esteem.

Very often, we speak to ourselves in a negative way but aren’t conscious of it.

For example, if a client says, “I’m such an idiot! Why do I always do this?!” simply reassure them they are not an idiot and ask whether another way of speaking to themselves may be moresupportive.

Suggest affirmations like, “I am doing my best”, “I accept myself exactly as I am”, and “I forgive myself.”



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