WHAT this cat does with sick animals, he has left doctors speechless!


What this #cat does with sick animals, he has left doctors speechless!

The #Radamenes cat is living proof that #empathy is contagious.
When this little black cat was hospitalized in Bydgoszcz, Poland, it was in terrible condition. Suffering from a serious infection of the upper respiratory tract, the vets were about contemplating the possibility of euthanasia to end her suffering. But when he began to purr, they realized that Radamenes was not ready to give up life, so they chose to start treatment.
And now that it’s healed, Radamenes is returning the favor by helping other animals at the shelter.
Once cured, Radamenes began making friends with the other “patients”

The staff noticed that he was very close to the animals who had undergone surgery, as if to relieve their pain and support them.

In addition, they noted that Radamenes #embraced them and cleaned them, just like he would a caring and loving nurses.

Sometimes, when you are sick, all you need is a loving cuddle or a warm hug. And here comes the adorable Radamenes into play.

When he was in distress, medical staff showed him a compassion that the little one is returning and spreading ..



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