Our culinary evolution…..

evoluzione-alimentare image China-study-3Genetics is not the predominant factor in the genesis of the disease;
hopes for the future of genetic ignore everything much easier than you can do today;

the obsessive control of fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol, and omega-3 does not result in good health;

vitamins and supplements are helpful but can not solve everything by themselves;

drugs and surgery do not cure the disease from which we are suffering;
doctors do not know exactly what to recommend to stay healthy;
a change in diet can induce healing in diabetes;

only with diet and lifestyle you can heal from heart disease;
breast cancer is related to altered hormonal status that is determined by the food we eat;

dairy consumption increases the risk of prostate cancer;
the antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables are related to better mental performance in old age;

kidney stones can be prevented with a healthy diet;
diabetes type 1, what occurs in children and is one of the most devastating diseases that we are, it is related to lifestyle and diet of the children themselves and not to another;

various types of cancer are related to the excessive consumption of animal protein;
and much more.

These are the results of a search, not a theory, with 50 pages of scientific literature aimed at the practical demonstration of each claim made. The conclusions of this study, essentially impossible to disprove, if applied would save millions of lives, and it would avoid suffering.


In this study there are many opinions from the scientific world,
but if you manage to get sick less and live more peacefully away from toxins and cellular degeneration
Because all the brains world do not unite instead of wasting time with political questions, of multinational manufacturers of medicines or similar? I wonder.
life is short, but wonderful!
Paola Frizzarin

vegar pyramid1g33


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