The “smoker’s face” is characterized by the toxins involved in smoking as nicotine, but also thousands of toxic molecules such as tars and free radicals that cause vasoconstriction of the dermal capillary network and reduction in oxygen supply caused by the carbon monoxide content in the smoke.

It also demonstrated the increase of #freeradicals that promote premature skin degeneration, and the reduction of stocks of vitamin A and retinol, essential for the well-being of the skin and for all repair processes, both the skin and from other organs and systems.

Smoking destroys the collagen, smoking greatly reduces the regenerative capacity of the skin and slows the healing process; This is one of the reasons why plastic surgeons (especially in the US) do not perform operations on lifting women who smoke, which, paradoxically, would be those who need it most.

Smoking decreases collagen available to all repair processes of the skin – aging and photo / aging, scarring, etc. – In addition, the smoke significantly increases the production of enzymes metal-proteinase, enzymes members of the physiological renewal of collagen degraded to allow the synthesis of new.

It follows that collagen is little, old, not renewed, and the more you smoke less if they form, being destroyed by metal-proteinase.

Also all the smokers smell a lot, hairs, skin, dresses, breath, like the ashtray..

They use many minutes a day to smoke, before dinner,, after dinner, during the drinks, social dinners, at work.

Paola Frizzarin


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