Only good Pizza?


When you consume a good pizza it should not happen to spend the night with a great thirst, insomnia, and intestinal disorders. But it happens.

A good pizza to be such should not get thirsty and should not be indigestible. Unfortunately more and more often eat pizzas prepared with too flours rich in proteins, gluten, resistant starch, with additives and stabilizers.

Flours for pizzas with 20-30% of flour Manitoba, with high content of protein and gluten.

They are used very strong flour (W 280 to 420). With these flours pizza is a concentrate of gluten, which form a sturdy dough able to “hold up” tomato and mozzarella or other ingredients. If the leavening is not done well, the high temperatures of the furnaces involve a chemical reaction, called the reaction of Maillard, which causes the protein to unite with the amino acids, creating true toxins.

Also the pizza is resistant starch, “resistant” because it does not digested by digestive enzymes of the small intestine. Flour mostly used by pizza makers (not all, however, honor and about the true pizza makers) may not be compatible with our gut. The parties of pizza that are not digested in the small intestine pass into the colon, where they are “eaten” by billions of bacteria with gas production (flatulence), with onset of intestinal disorders.

It also has a water booster from the blood into the intestine with the appearance of prolonged thirst in the night!

Therefore it is better to prefer the pizzas cooked in the house, where the flours that are used, as well as the ingredients are of a higher quality!



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