This technique allows you to also enjoy benefits on the physical, spiritual and mental.

Arttherapy includes more limbs in addition to color, such as dancing, reading, theater, making music … but for sure color is the most immediate and widespread art because it does not require any special skills.

The  mandala: the design symmetrical geometric figures drawn by Tibetan monks as a means of meditation has also won the most secular among Westerners, as a way to relax and calm the mind .. Already the psychoanalyst Carl Jung in the early years of the twentieth century had noticed that color the mandala had some visible benefits on a psychic level, because he had the ability to calm people’s minds. Nowadays it is recommended especially to children with autism problems and attention disorders. But beyond the mandala, even color a drawing is of great help as a therapy for restoring well-being. In the US for example there are real therapists specialize in art therapy: the arts are used as a means to treat the person.  Drawing is important and great therapy effect: when it turns your brain into a state similar to when you meditate, so it is able to bring out hidden thoughts, raise awareness and bring to mind knowledge that we had internalized and forgotten. The mind becomes more acute, more lucid and is able to bring order in our internal disorder, the stress is reduced and the concentration increases. – Drives out the anxiety, worries and fears: when colors we tend to focus on color, while everything else disappears – Allows greater sociability: in many homes for the elderly is encouraging the art of color, as it is noted that it is a means to enable them not only to spend time actively, even to work on negative emotions as the alienation due to living in a nursing home, or depression – It activates a deeper connection with our emotions, so that coloring becomes a journey within yourself, – It is a means of support for cancer patients or terminally ill and heart patients: easing stress, anxiety and fear, the art therapy helps them to live with greater confidence – Provides a valuable psychological tool for both adults and children in cases of bereavement, relationship breakdown, failure at school and work, depression because it allows you to find the balance with the outside world. It is no coincidence that even in clinical settings are conducted more and more studies concerning art therapy, as it is proving to be a powerful tool to improve the quality of life.





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