Change of season.




With the #changeofseason and the arrival of winter often suffer from the “evils of the season”: cough, runny nose, sore throat.
The body tries to get rid of inflammation and activating itself   by strengthening the immune system. Better to limit, milk and dairy products, which favors the onset of mucus, catarrh and colds, as well as sugars. Exercice is very important  3 times por week, to improve our health: circulation, detox, drainage.

We are what we eat and here if you want read more


At the table:
Ginger and turmeric.With its antiviral compounds, ginger is great for treating colds and flu. It is a remedy safe and fast in case there is a need to relieve joint pain and to disinfect the body. The root can be used to make herbal teas, or chopped and grated to flavor vegetables, meat and fish. Turmeric instead has antiseptic properties that make it an excellent ally against colds and sore throats.



Green onion. The shallot is an excellent ingredient to prevent infections of the respiratory tract, having powerful immunostimulant. The high amounts of vitamins A and C and minerals make it an excellent food for the winter months.
Garlic. Unwelcome to many, garlic is a natural antibiotic for excellence. It is useful to fight bacterial infections of the respiratory system, favoring the expulsion of phlegm, and helps to treat lung problems, bronchitis, ear infections and pharyngitis.

Water. In the presence of colds and flu it is important to drink a lot (especially hot liquids), to keep the body hydrated. Water also helps to loosen the mucus that we have accumulated, allowing the complete recovery. If there is no appetite in the period of convalescence, not force yourself to eat, but swallowed a lot of fluids, the recovery will be faster.

Very effective the gargle with apple cider vinegar.

Green clay. A poultice made from green clay is great to cure sore throats. Melt in a bowl a bit ‘of clay in such cold water until a thick mush. Then roll out the mixture in a cotton handkerchief or tissue very fine, and apply it on the neck, covering it with a scarf for 15-20 minutes.

green clayindex
Ribes nigrum. Blackcurrant, we know how delicious fruit of the forest, has proved successful against allergies and inflammation.   it is considered like a natural antihistamine and cortisone. .


Alkaline diet




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