ipet therapymages

icat pet therapymages#Pet #therapy is a practice that for years has been used in Italian hospitals to improve the #qualityoflife of patients, particularly the elderly and #children.

It was the child psychiatrist Boris Levinson, to report for the first time, around 1960, his theories about the benefits of animal companionship, which he applied in the care of his patients.
Levinson found that caring for an animal can calm anxiety, can convey emotional warmth, and help overcome stress and depression.


Essential to identify the animal proper to the individual patient based on preferring personal, the psycho-physical analysis of any specific phobias, allergies and based on emotional response in the early sessions.

For example in case they have more dogs you will have to define the matching dog-patient taking into account the size of the dog, character, of the type of hair …

In pet therapy we can see these adorable animals:

#cats / #dogs
#horses (hippotherapy)
#donkeys (onotherapy)
#dolphins (dolphin)

cane guidaDSCF0877cane poliziottoindex




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