The Lies..

The eyes can not tell us if our interlocutor is lying or whether it is sincere. He discovered the psychologist Richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire, analyzing the behavior of sincere people and liars: according to him being able to recognize them by the shifty-eyed (with pupils who change direction quickly) is impossible. But there who believes that the techniques of the police profiler is possible to expose the liars.

The results of the polygraph as evidence, many scientists have revealed that it is relatively easy to fool the lie detector. In essence, the polygraph does that measure stress and anxiety levels, following a question: but not all liars are the victims when they lie. Lie to themselves would lead people to overestimate their own capabilities. We tend to tell lies especially when we are under pressure and we have no time to think about the consequences of our behavior Using magnetic resonance imaging, researchers found that those who lie compulsively, has between 22 and 26% of white matter more in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain.

According to the researchers, this would give them more inventive in finding excuses and inventing stories. The Sodium Pentothal, better known as truth serum, according to psychologists would not prevent people to lie: its mechanism causes temporarily remove the mental filters, depressing the central nervous system. Did you happen to know someone through a dating site on the internet? If so, you probably told some lies, but it is acceptable lies while they remain “small”, otherwise … no second appointment..





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