In the comfort zone: Habit, static, flatness, clichés, closure, fear, being spoiled..Non responsibility ..

A definition comes from Psychology Behavioral and specifies the comfort zones like: “The mental condition in which a person acts in a state of lack of anxiety, with a constant level of performance and not feel a sense of risk” Wikipedia.

In a way it’s “comfort zone” the so-called “stay in your own” or “stay safe”, in short, snug: do those things that we know and reassure us (and only those!), To be with people we know and from which we know what to expect, do not take risks or restrict them to a minimum.

Stay in the comfort zone is all well and good when we need to take back, to recharge, to live a stable condition after undergoing severe stress, trauma or disappointment.

But remaining  in the comfort zone too long, it can become a trap …

Out of Comfort zone: Discovery of the independence, fly, live, Adventure, accountability, responsibility..

Unicness of life ..  You can realize the dreams …