The new IoT Within a few years connected objects of the Internet of Things will produce 80% of all data in the world. To analyze and use a similar amount of information even supercomputers are not enough but it takes IT newly developed systems.

Here’s how they work. According to Gartner estimates the objects connected to the Internet end of 2015 were more than 5 billion: smartphone, bracelets fitness, cars, small appliances, devices for industrial and home automation, sensors of all kinds. Each of these objects collects, analyzes and distributes an enormous amount of data: biometric, environmental, health, weather …

In these data, and the information that their processing and aggregation can provide, lies the true value of the Internet of Things. The magic of data. Vehicles connected, for example, by exchanging each other and with the road infrastructure, traffic information could contribute to the fluidity and safety and much more..

Next step will be the :

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE virtual Assitenti They are called Siri, Google Now, Cortana. Very kind and always available to answer our voice commands to remember a commitment, search the web, send an SMS or answer a phone call. “Remind me to call Maria when I arrive in the office”, “the peppers add to shopping list”, “show me how to get to the station” I am just some of the demands that we put to our invisible assistants. These software uses artificial intelligence algorithms for speech recognition, but also to learn over time our habits and preferences and meet more and more to our needs.







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