Placebo Effect


The placebo effect is always there, and it is usually very important and often more potent pharmacological effect in itself. It is also tied to the form of administration: for example, a puncture is more effective than one drug to the mouth, because they tend to think that an injection is more effective than a pill.


The placebo effect is due to the fact that the expectation of an improvement in the body causes the release of “therapeutic” substances, such as endorphins and adenosine (painkilling) and adrenaline (which allows you to better manage stress) . A high effect “placebo” (and therefore therapeutic) also caresses,

the music, the voice, positive human relations. It is for this reason that many users of non-conventional medicine or homeopathic cures are better: the placebo effect is all the more powerful the more you are convinced that a remedy will work.


But it should be emphasized that the placebo (alone) can not cure everything, that’s why it’s always better not to do without the traditional medicine of medical supervision. A sugar pill can to heal as a real medicine is the placebo effect, and is well known to doctors and researchers.

For decades now, the effectiveness of a drug is compared in clinical trials with that of a fake pill, to see if it really works or if it is simply the effect – not at all negligible – attributable to placebo. Especially in disorders that have a strong psychological component, from headaches to depression, irritable bowel syndrome pain, you know that a fake medicine can work very well for some people and nothing or next to other.




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