Laughter therapy.



The #gelotology (from the greek = ghelos rice and logos = science) is a new discipline which systematically studies the activities of laughter, good #humor and #positivethinking as a remedy for many diseases and physical and mental illnesses.

It is based on studies #Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunology (P.N.E.I.) that have substantiated the direct influence of mental states and emotions on the immune system and vice versa. Even PNEI is a relatively recent discipline of birth, which bases its theories and methods on the belief that the various systems (psychological, neurological, endocrine and immune systems) interact with each other to achieve homeostasis (equilibrium) of the internal  body.

According to this assumption if mind and body are able to interact, it is not difficult to accept the idea that the mood (as a frame of mind, more or less positive, the interpretation of the stimuli) may regulate, or at least influence, the system central nervous, the hormonal and immune systems. The gelotology found that thanks to the laughter makes debug peripheral nervous structures that produce #endorphins, the chemicals with a powerful analgesic activity and exciting exercising on the human body an effect similar to morphine and other opiates.

#Laughing involves all parts of the human body: the heart and breathing rhythms accelerate, blood pressure decreases and the muscles relax. blood chemistry also changes, and the more explosive and spontaneous laughter is the more there is a general power failure that manifests as a feeling of liberation that involves all the organs and bodily functions that are settled.

This depends on the fact that laughing stimulates the increase of #beta-endorphin (physiological substances which have the same effect on the organism of opiates) on the part of the brain and cortisol (hormone that regulates the stress response) by means of the adrenal glands, generating a feeling of well-being and absence of pain.

#PatchAdams and the birth of #ClownTherapy is due to Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, made famous worldwide by a film that bears his name starring Robin Williams (Patch Adams, 1998).

Paola Frizzarin



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