The Internet of Things is a possible evolution of the use of the network: the objects ( “things”) will make it recognizable and acquire intelligence thanks to the fact of being able to communicate information about themselves and access information aggregated by others. Alarms sound before in case of traffic, the sneakers transmit time, speed and distance to compete in real time with people on the other side of the globe, the jars of medicines alert family members if you forget to take the medication.

All objects can take a proactive role by connecting to the Net. The goal of the Internet of things is to ensure that the electronic world you draw a map of the real one, giving electronic identity to things and places the physical environment . Objects and places bearing labels Radio Frequency Identifiication Codes Qr communicate information on the web or to mobile devices such as mobile phones. The fields of application are numerous: from the industrial applications (production processes), logistics and mobility at the info, up to energy efficiency, remote service and environmental protection.

The internet of things tend to evolve in parallel and reciprocal to the semantic web. According to Gartner estimates, in 2020 there will be 26 billion connected objects globally. ABI Research estimates that will be more than 30 billion. Other institutions speak of 100 billion. The expectations of experts are that the Internet of Things will change the way we live radically.

Intelligent items, with decision-making capacity, will enable energy savings both personal (home automation and smart home) both at the macro level (smart city and smart grid) Integration with Internet constitutes use of unique IP.

The major criticisms made thus far IoT concern two issues: security and privacy. As it regards the first most of the companies are working on solutions to make sure the objects from attack by hackers, although we expect the need for antivirus in the future, or other protection systems, not only for computers but also for objects of different type.





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