THE power of #listening.

Nature has given us two ears but only one language, for the reason that we are obliged to listen more than to speak

Listening requires humility and respect. Respect implies knowing how to approach as much as it is granted without being intrusive.
Listening is also a form of love, is a way to express to the other that what we say has value, that tells us what does not vanish into thin air, which is interesting. The other feels recognized and valued as a person.

Loneliness is rampant, in the era of communication and media, people do not talk and do not listen even more in the family and when they form new families, if you will follow the same steps as with a mold, there will be no changes.

No one can force us to listen and we are not taught, it is a gift that is extremely valuable for our growth and the relationship with the world.

90 percent of non-success in business on a commercial level, refers precisely to the lack of listening to customers, and some people spend a fortune in the courses to learn how to listen to its customers …

Paola Frizzarin



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