Sugar main cause of diabetes, tooth decay, obesity and other modern ills: we are talking about sugar, the main body’s fuel, food from the complex and curious history, between the pillars of the world economy, and double-edged weapon to our health. Let’s know more closely. Did you know, for example, that … A time was a precious commodity, around the year 1000 when Venice and Genoa began to import the “Arab” salt, or ” honey”, as it was called, the difficulties of cultivation of sugarcane in our latitudes made sugar a rare commodity, sold in the shops of pharmacists as a spice to be used sparingly, cough or upset stomach.

It was produced 8,000 years ago. Sugarcane from which boiling and squeezing is derived sucrose was cultivated in New Guinea in 6000 BC Then spread to the Philippines, in India (where it is mentioned in a text in 400-350 BC) and the rest of Asia. It was the Arabs to take her to Europe, introducing it in the eleventh century in Spain and Sicily

We eat three times than we should. For the World Health Organization, which in 2015 proposed a tightening of guidelines on the maximum amount of natural sugar or added to take, only 5% of total daily calories should come from this source of nourishment (the past was the limit 10%).

It is 25 grams for an adult, which equals 6 teaspoons. In Italy we consume an average of 80 grams per day among those that we add and those already present in prepackaged foods. It is about 2 kg of sugar per month. In the world they consume about 70 grams per person; in the US, 160 grams. It is not just desserts. If one is found in abundance in the sandwich bread in ketchup and sauces in general, in sauces and in all breakfast products (yogurt, fruit juices, cereals), which always resemble more – for calorie intake – in true deserts and own. In the United States, three-quarters of foods and beverages packaged contain sugars or sweeteners, that add flavor to products low in fat, they change the texture and improve the conservation.



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