The stains secret of Rorschach




The stains secret of Rorschach

The evocative power of the ink shapes can be interpreted as a different type figures, it depends on their simplicity: less are complex, the easier it is to evoke familiar forms. It’s been almost a century (it was 1921) when Hermann Rorschach, Swiss psychiatrist Freudian mold, published the basic image of his personality test based on the interpretation of Hermann Rorschach blots (1884-1922) invented the stain test of ink when he noticed that the patients of a psychiatric hospital suffering from the same disease, looking at the stains, gave very similar answers to the ink, which would have had great luck in the following decades. The Rorschach test, or ink stains test consists of 10 tables, obtained by pouring a few drops of ink on paper towels and then folded (5 are in black and white, 2 black and red in color and 3) . Those undergoing this test, looking at the boards must say “what he sees.” It is a projective test: the spots are nothing, so each person interprets them revealing their mental characteristics. The responses are then examined by a psychologist. “In Rorschach not only analyzes the meaning of the” views “forms in patches, but also have been described moving figures, as pointed out the color, it has been analyzed a detail or the overall figure. What concerns the form, for example, is related to cognitive aspects: it tells me if the thought is accurate, consistent, in touch with reality. The interpretation of color is instead linked to emotional aspects, emotionality. And see the moving human figures indicates the ability to design, creativity, dynamism. The obverse or the reverse? The stain test is suitable for people of any cultural level. The response time is free, and is noted by psychologists. It is also rated the degree of surprise shown by those who see the spot for the first time and the tendency to “turn” the table for a closer look.




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