Men, like all mammals, have the goals, who tell us what we want / do not want. Emotions are the guardians of our purposes, telling us if they are being met or not Emotions can be positive, indicating when the achievement of a goal.

Emotions can be negative if the purpose is seen as a compromise permanently or endangered.  Many emotions trigger other emotions (eg: we get angry when we notice that we anxious).  Emotions are not “wrong” if we recognize good! The feedback on the impairment of the goals and their causes.

For example, anger can be directed to others, ourselves or the whole world Anger is linked to the need for “reimbursement” If you can not get back what has been lost is a tendency to claim that the other convicted lose equally. For example the guilt an individual feels responsible for damage.

For example humiliation here  the aim is to compromise the image of himself .In this case the image is always written down publicly.  He who humbles himself does so willfully.

The person humiliated appears as a person under the thumb to another.

Such empathy,  is the ability to put oneself in the shoes of somebody else. Here, too, mirror neurons play an important role.  The individual test empathic emotion that lives the other.  The empathetic individual understand  the emotion that lives the other person …  But you do not live it, and you do not overwhelm it.



  1. […]  Emotions and intentions greatly influence our lives. All that surrounds us, called external reality, made up of situations and relationships, is intended to provide us with the data that our brain must interpret to evolve and fulfill our lives. Identity is the set of goals achieved thanks to actions, made as a result of decisions taken to transform an emotional state, created by a thought generated by the interpretation of external reality. The achievement of happiness and serenity depends on these factors, soul, actions, emotions and mind. It is the intention and not the thought that starts from the mind, which starts from the heart, the true architect of the process of materialization. If positive thinking is not aligned with intention, it is useless. If we want to attract happiness, serenity and well-being in life, knowing the Power of Emotions can create good intentions. […]


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