It is much better to exercise the brain with new knowledge, rather than anything we already know. In this way you can become more “intelligent” in the sense of more able to capture creativity or previously invisible connections. The IQ, which is believed to remain the same from infancy, can instead increase (or decrease) in the course of its life. Along with studies on brain neuroplasticity, according to which new neurons can be created, even more than 70 years, evidence that we can improve intelligence at any stage of our lives. The study also explains that the development of intelligence is accompanied by structural changes in the brain: an increase in the volume and density of so-called gray matter in a region of the left motor cortex that is activated by reading and speaking. Even more interesting is that motor skills and intellectual abilities are not two separate things, sometimes even considered incompatible. On the contrary: three very different activities, such as listening to classical music, crocheting or juggling with balls, have similar effects on improving intellectual ability. More neurons. Although aerobic exercise is good for the brain. Walking for 30 minutes a day five days a week, for example, stimulates the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), a molecule that promotes the production of new neurons and synapses and improves learning ability.

In a study at the University of California, Berkeley, led by Matthew Walker, he discovered that studying a group of students for a few hours and then leaving some of them, a nap, who is sleeping more than learning that They continue to study. Perhaps for this reason companies such as Google and Nike, in their room to rest employees. The study of brain activity during sleep patterns then revealed that they favor intense mental activity in the form of what Walker calls “champagne bubbles of the brain” and which according to his interpretation indicate that hippocampus is the transfer of information to the bark, Where they are stored permanently. Additional information can be stored, the greater the number of bits (taken as a unit of information) that is accessed when needed. Not enough: The brain works well when it leaves free to move as they have been studying at the University of Tohoku (Japan). In particular, this absolute state of posting of developing creativity is to see the connections that remain invisible to others.






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