Anyone who suffers from a low caloric regimen triggers a mechanism 
for lowering their metabolism. Our sophisticated defense mechanisms 
make us react to famine by putting it Running a kind of 'energy saving'
 and boosting the ability to store calories to successfully overcome 
the crisis. This instinctive reaction is the fruit of millennia of 
evolution during which this capacity has saved us from extinction by 
hunger. Nowadays, in Western countries, the same answer Evolving so 
useful in the past, can lead us to obesity and related diseases. 
Those who follow a low calorie diet for a fairly long period of time 
(8-10 days ahead) undergo the body's response to the perceived famine, 
reducing metabolism Baseline to increase your chances of survival. 
Metabolic reduction takes place in two ways: a generalized organophoreal
function and a substantial reduction in muscle mass, which does not 
grow back until you are checked in a strong and continuous signal of 
caloric abundance. For many years dietary care has been given too much 
importance to caloric aspects alone, reducing the motivation of 
slimming or slimming to just calorie intake or more in me No with 
respect to the needs. An individual's metabolism is Given by all of 
its daily energy consumption. Simplifying is divided into basal 
metabolism (which represents the basic consumption required for life 
under ace conditions Lazy rest), metabolic consumption related to 
daily activities (work, social life, travel, digestion, stress) and 
sports. In the state of calorie restriction, primitive man responded 
essentially temporarily lowering the basal metabolism. 
A strong metabolic slowdown corresponds to a general lowering of 
consumption, which passes through the mediation of leptin. 
The little or so residual fat is kept tight as a precious reserve 
'lifesaving' and possibly increased.



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