Creativity is a continuous and tedious daily workout rather than a gift reserved for a few elected.

With some tips on everyday life we ​​can encourage the emergence of original ideas.
Rarely life changing ideas come as we are at the desk. More often, they look like we are engaged in rogue or manual activities that require little cognitive engagement. 72% of people claim to have creative ideas in the shower.
A different way to go to work, a changing shower-breakfast alternation … Introducing small changes in the consolidated rhythm of our day’s actions can help us adopt an unprecedented, fresher perspective on reality. The brain abandons neural pathways and creates new connections: having original ideas will be simpler.
Travelling but especially living abroad for some time requires you to adapt to different cultures, learn new languages, recycle your notions in unprecedented ways and think out of the schemes. A manna for creative thought.
Training yourself to be alone, away from e-mails, cell phones and distracting chats, can help cultivate that fundamental state of reflection for a constructive “brainstorming“, that is, to generate new ideas. It is a positive loneliness, to be carved at certain moments, and very different from the isolation.
But knowing how to be good on your own does not mean suffering boredom or being antisocial. As an analysis of Quartz explains, if it is true that inspiration and contamination with others’ ideas are indispensable, it is necessary to carve out regular solitude spaces to let the information settle down and find creative solutions to the problems.
There are people who do not have the courage to mature and turn away the inadequate people for fear of loneliness and live an unhappy life …No creativity…




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