Those who have a “genuine self-esteem”, that is, feeling confident about themselves and their value without trying to be in the center of attention or being angry at criticism, find themselves more often as defenders of the victims of acts Of bullying. When you feel good about yourself you have less defensive attitudes.

They are also less susceptible and permalous and less ready to judge, less inclined to incense those who love us and reproach those who have no sympathy for us. What scholars call the “dark side of self-esteem” exists and is also related to the results of other research that show that people who express poor self-esteem are more vulnerable to a variety of clinical issues, including anxiety, loneliness And eating disorders. When they feel uncomfortable or threatened, people with a low self-esteem often have a “black” view of anything: they notice and remember the worst behavior of others and feel they are not loved by their partners. Bullies and thugs show off a form of defensive self-esteem that tends to self-exasperation.



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