How does the sense of humor begin?

Scientific Naturopathy by Paola, wellness /lifestyle coach


At an early age you can remain indifferent to the most funny expressions, and laugh unreservedly for a casual event. How does the sense of humor develop in children?   Essentially with socialization, that is, with the ability to share an experience with someone – a “workout” that starts already from the exchange of glances and smiles between mom and baby. But there are some indispensable cognitive talents to strengthen, in order to grasp irony. An article on this topic identifies three.
1. Language. The ability to express and understand what we are saying is a prerequisite for understanding the most jokes and jokes that are based on the sense of incongruity: we laugh because something seems to be “out of place” with respect to a situation.   Younger children, who still lack the nuances of language, find this strange effect in physical jokes, and in the…

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