The feet bear the weight of our body for the whole working day, so I’m the part of the body that needs more attention. Unfortunately, however, they do not seem to receive the attention they deserve.

The feet represent our position in the world and our advancement in life.

They are a symbol of freedom because they allow us to move but also represent our progress.

In all cultures it is a habit to worship the feet of the saints who have a social high standing.

Understanding a foot problem can have unwanted consequences, such as weight gain (because you’re walking less), or causing pain (because you adopt a posture for us unnatural).

The risks of falls and fractures increase. We must always take the signals that our feet send us seriously.

“We humans are like trees,” said Alexander Lowen, father of bioenergetics, “rooted in the ground with one end, stretching out to the sky with the other, and the more we can protrude on how much our earthly rays.

If we eradicate a tree, the leaves die; if we eradicate a person, its spirituality becomes a lifeless abstraction. ”

And in fact, Lowen in his studio had a poster depicting a tree and a man in comparison. The comparison made by Lowen is much more than a poetic image: rooting or grounding – which literally means having feet well planted on the ground – meant to be rooted in its own truth, accepting oneself and your own lives. One person, by acquiring grounding, becomes more aware, more able to express himself and more self-mastery: having his “position” knows where he is and who he is.

Grounding represents the person’s contact with the basic reality of their own existence, which in this way, says Lowen in his book The spirituality of the body is “rooted in the earth, identified with its own body, aware of its sexuality, pleasure that is lacking in the person who lives in the clouds or in the head, rather than on the feet. ”

Paola Frizzarin



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