High expectations often turn out to be sad despondents. This happens to us frequently when it comes to people in whom we place desires and hopes that vanish day by day. Because at times, to deceive are not appearances, but expectations. Probably many of you think that life is both necessary and motivating to maintain high expectations, self-confidence, and the feeling of always deserving the best. It is known that when a particular task faces high expectations generate greater brain activity and broaden our range of responses.


“Blessed is he who does not expect anything because he will never be disappointed” -Alexander Pope-


Well, the real problem is not the motivation generated by the expectations, but what we attribute to them and the expertise with which we mask the risk that they hide in the depths. The expectations of too many people are above their reality. It’s a common practice and we all know a person who lives eternally disillusioned because nobody meets his very high expectations. Living in the desire for a perfect existence, an ideal affective relationship, or a concept of devoted and unselfish friendship, does nothing but generate unconstitutionality. It means falling into the eternal trap of “merit the best” without knowing that the best is not necessarily what is “perfect or ideal,” but what is worth working day after day in common to achieve real happiness, Sincere and satisfactory.




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