is a prior image that we have about something or someone, a vision that is by no means positive and that affects us in considering that thing or person in a certain way. Usually, the place where we are born leads us to acquire, from a small age, certain prejudices we inculcate in our minds and of which we sometimes are unaware. What are those who reside in our minds, perhaps we do not know existence?

An example may be “all men are equal” or even “blondes are stupid.” Maybe you’re wondering if you really have such prejudices, but when you talk and interact with other people you probably come out without you being aware. As the same definition of “prejudice” says, this is based on assuming and judging something that is still unknowingly known. It’s a terribly absurd thing.

The truth is that having on the head and keeping the prejudices means two things:

• Take for granted or something without having any reason or foundation.

• Realize and assume value judgments in a negative form.

Is it true that we do the same when we judge a person before we know it? Have you ever been surprised to discover that it was not how you thought it was? With prejudices it works like that. It is not good to think badly before time, it is something that fills us with negativity. Prejudices limit us, prevent us from fully opening our minds, to really enjoy freedom of thought. As we have said, it is difficult, but not impossible, to eliminate the prejudices at least keep them at bay, despite pushing for manifestation.

We have to make certain rules to put an end to the traps of prejudices, to make them fall, and not let them be fooled.



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