The Thymus and happyness.

The thymus gland is the enthusiasm of youth, play and joke, poetry and fantasy; unfortunately it tends to atrophy after puberty, when they increase school discipline and work, family and social responsibilities.

A normal healthy person and thymus in order, still bubbling with life, bursting with joy at every pore, is very happy to be alive, has power in abundance, communicates freshness and optimism, is a radiant person. Yet doctors do not only carry out the removal of relaxed tissues and organs, as well as thyroid and thymus gland that enthusiasm and love of life.

The thymus is a gland belonging to the lymphatic system and, more generally, to the immune system. It is an organ, localized in the upper part of the anterior mediastinum between the sternum and the great vessels that come from the heart. The activity and the size of the thymus reach their maximum expression at the beginning of the adolescent period, when the gland weighs about 30-40 grams. After this period the thymus regresses slowly.