Earth, rivers, mountains and trees, animals, flowers.

I love nature.

There is something beautiful to look at in all places of the world, different cultures, habits, food, wildlife. I love travel ,too.

When I’m in the forests, or by a lake, my favorite thing to do is sit down, listen to good music with my love and being part of all the scenario of life.

Everywhere it’s a quiet, peaceful spot, just to connect with yourself.

I love nature and vast diversity in different climates, places and spaces. It can be spectacular and leave me lost for words.

I’m fascinated by the inter-relatedness of everything. Every species exists for a reason and without them all, the ecosystem suffers.

Being in nature makes me feel alive. It gives me this sense that there is something greater, that everything works in tandem with one another.

It’s always great to just take a break from reality and sit back and relax and watch nature; the creatures and the trees and everything ..

I love to take pictures of flowers and I like to lay down on the ground and having flowers surround me and are everywhere.

I have this joy inside of me like I am at home whenever I am around nature…when possible..

Paola Frizzarin



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