The drum harmonic 432Hz is a new musical instrument percussion, technically a “idiophone“. It is a surprise for everyone to realize by the harmonious sounds that range, the acute, until the rolling, galloping and serious. The engravings on the top of the drum harmonic create tonal areas, that is, the musical notes. It can be a stimulus for both a musician, both for the novice getting sounds exciting and pleasant, pushed into a deepening of their playing techniques.

Action on the physical and emotional
The drum harmonic 432Hz lends itself to different kinds of music, ranging from opera to more contemporary and experimental. It can be interesting when used as an educational tool and learning music. But above all this drum it helps to dissolve naturally the “nodes” physical and emotional helping to achieve a state of balance and well-being.
This is due to a particular property.

The meaning of 432 Hertz
The drum harmonious, in fact, is sung on a pentatonic scale with the 432Hz. As is known, the universe has a harmonic frequency of 432 Hz, as opposed to 440Hz which is the standard of contemporary music (standard defined only in 1955). Already Mozart and Giuseppe Verdi had appreciated and created music and works with the scale to 432 Hz, so that the right to the 432Hz was called the “The” Verdi. The deeper concept that supports the use of this frequency lies in greater harmony music that springs, closer to the musicality expressed in nature.

Rebalancing emotional
Every organ in the human body has its own frequency (SI prefixes of 432 Hz), which is modified in case of illness. Therefore, produce sounds and music to 432Hz stands as a healthy rebalancing vibrational
for the body and for the surrounding nature, can restore the balance of the primordial peace and well-being. Produce harmonious sounds with drum 432Hz also it allows you to relax in complete harmony with the vibrations of the universe that are transmitted and propagated by “resonance” from the instrument to the body and the surrounding environment.



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