Corn Syrup



Corn syrup is obtained from corn starch, has very low costs and has a high sweetening power. It is presented in liquid form and was introduced for the first time in 1970.
It is often found in carbonated soft drinks and packaged sweets, sometimes even in foods called “sugar-free”, without refined sugar, but with a high proportion of this component in other forms.
Corn syrup has a high fructose content (High-Fructose Corn Syrup). On this ingredient there has been much debate in the United States about the negative effects on human health. The results are not certain at the moment. In the US, the corn industry spends millions every year in advertising campaigns to convince the population that the sugar coming from the HFCS corn is the same as that of cane sugar, especially in terms of safety. The high consumption of corn syrup, as well as sucrose and other sweeteners such as sugar, would be responsible for obesity and alteration of the hepatic lipid metabolism with increased lipids. For nutritional intake there is no difference between corn syrup and cane sugar.
Corn syrup proved to be rich in a substance harmful to our body: mercury. One more reason to carefully read the label of what we buy and eat.

Paola Frizzarin


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