The trip


The trip is an experience that involves the body, mind and spirit.

we do not travel in the environment , but it is the environment that gets inside of us, only if we have the ability to grow and understand the uniqueness of awareness of life.
Travelling is a set of all the augmentative stimulation, knowledge and experience.

The internalization of the travel process, enriches, if you let the world enters within us, you will live an experience so infinitely intense, deep and constructive, more than any reportage.

Empathy, with its surroundings, this fusion of growth and awareness of nature, is worth than a thousand chat.

When internalizes an environment, it becomes the environment: there arises in connection with it, interacting actively, as an integral part of it and of a special and unique life.

The view, first of all, which must grasp at the same time the minimum detail of the landscape and the totality of what the eye can embrace.

The hearing, tended to let the person inside any stimulus is perceived:
by sounds and ambient noise, to their absence, or to silence.

The senseofsmell, with which perceive odors or perfumes and, also here, the absence of them. Touch, if you have the ability and
the foresight to carry out this practice without clothing or, at least, with the feet, hands and face uncovered in order to perceive the air touch the skin, the grains of sand carried by the wind, the heat of the sun and so on. Environment that leads each individual to make his own choices.

Proprioception, through which places oneself within the environment that you are absorbing all
stimuli, and they feel the force of gravity and the relative position of the different parts of our body.

The sensation of taste is here transferred to the floor, emotional and cognitive perception of pleasure to that with which the external environment is feeding us.

As occurs in the deserts, it makes the experience of living the #absolutesilence, experience virtually impossible to take in all the so-called “civilized” countries.

This silence, starry skies, the vast expanses of sand, dotted with rocks emerging here and there and volcanoes on the horizon, carrying the visitor, available to come to “visit”, in a unique dimension.

The extraordinary power of life, which does not stop at nothing, not even the colonization of places where survival is almost impossible and It must be earned every day.

The desert is an extraordinary opportunity to enrich the significance of existence.
experience of solitude, silence and inner reflection.

Paola Frizzarin


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