It can significantly improve the quality of your life. To become assertive we have to do a self-analysis of the current situation and understand what are our weak points to improve.

Always react aggressively? Or are you passive otherwise? Do not be able to express it as you would like?

An assertive person possesses a deep self-esteem of himself and has good minds in the goals to be achieved.  So go ahead and ask what’s wrong with your life and you would like to change. Equality among people is one of the most important hubs of assertive behavior. In order to respect others, without trampling on or disrupting their views, it is crucial never to be in a situation of clear superiority but to always evaluate with the right criterion the people we are facing.

According to assertiveness there are no strong or weak, we can all win. The assertive person therefore demonstrates his propriety and the great sense of loyalty, precisely from the way he treats others, that is, with equality and equity, without any form of prejudice. Assertiveness focuses on personal self-realization. Finding goals and achieving them successfully, without ever losing their minds and if necessary, do not make trouble asking for help from others or being a source of help. The assertive person can say No when it is necessary, it is able to set limits to them to safeguard their time and energy.   An assertive person is spontaneous and never conceals his real moods, demonstrates what he is experiencing and manifests openly. False and hypocrisy are not qualities that are part of the assertive behavior. Assertiveness means also not being afraid to express your opinions and to assert your rights when necessary. “Be right with others, but then snap them on until they are right with you.” While on the one hand the assertive knows how to assert his rights, on the other hand he can do it without or have the will, criticize, intimidate or manipulate others. It is in this that the true virtue of the assertive person is, to be able to proudly carry out his own ideas and rights without ever aggressively imposing or injuring other people.






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